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Lady on the beach at Ozun Private luxury Residence

Experience The Joy of Baja California Sur and Ozun

At Ozun, we believe in experiencing personal joy in every way possible. Whether it's a guided tequila tasting on the Pool Terrace, a romantic dinner under the stars crafted by your personal chef, or creating S'mores at your personal bonfire on your very exclusive beach. The possibilities are endless. And if you wish to venture beyond Ozun and connect with the natural wonders of the Baja California Sur, our dedicated concierge team will help create many joyful moments during your stay.



Indulge in gastronomical joy with a private dining experience tailored to your personal preferences and tastes. A carefully selected private chef creates a deeply personal culinary experience featuring exquisitely presented dishes that capture the flavors of the Baja California Sur. 

 Indulge in gastronomical joy with a private dining experience tailored to your personal preferences and tastes. A carefully


White Sand and Stone

Rediscover inner harmony and peace on Ozun’s private Wellness Deck, which is situated right next to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy any of the wellness experiences below in the midst of the unspoiled nature that surrounds you.

Signature Massage:(60/90 min)
Ozun’s oceanfront Wellness Deck provides the perfect setting for a personalized massage that nurtures, relaxes, and revitalizes. Your experienced therapist will listen to understand your needs, meet you where you are in the moment, and create a transformative experience accompanied by the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean. 

Couples Signature Massage: (60/90min)
Connect with both nature and your partner. Enjoy the ultimate experience of healing and togetherness. It is a shared experience caringly customized to your very personal preferences. 

Private Yoga Session
Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to yoga, an experienced teacher will expertly take you to your mindful edge while also providing the nurturing breath and centering techniques that make yoga an unparalleled practice for optimum health. You will deepen your connection to body, mind, and spirit in the tranquil surrounds of Ozun.

Sound Bath
A sound bath is a full-body meditative experience involving singing bowls that bathe you in the transformative healing power of highly resonant, immersive sound. A skilled practitioner guides you to a new level of inner peace. 



Making Joyful Moments
Ozun’s personalized concierge services can orchestrate unforgettable experiences in Baja California Sur with a curated itinerary of exclusive activities. 

View some of our most sought-after activities below and create joyful moments. Our concierge team will help you create your own special itinerary. 

Horseback Riding   
Imagine gliding through the sand on horseback. The sun is shining. You feel the ocean breeze on your face. The waves are crashing on the shore. You experience a new sense of freedom as you move along a pristine beach with seagulls flying nearby. That’s an Ozun horseback riding experience in Todos Santos. 


Fish in truly world-class fishing waters for mahi-mahi, marlin, Spanish mackerel, and tuna. You might also find yourself fishing among dolphins and whales right in front of Ozun! We’ve carefully selected local fishing experts to increase your chances of a successful outing and to prepare your catch so you can cook it up at Ozun’s first-rate outdoor barbeque grill from Blaze. 

Swimming With Whale Sharks (October - March)

Safely swim up close and personal with the largest fish in the world. The adventure is both educational and exhilarating.  Learn about these “Gentle Giants” from an experienced professional team then jump in the water and feel your heart race as you come face to face with one of nature’s majestic wonders. The adventure will be the thrill of a lifetime. 

Mango Ranch (May - August)

Todos Santos hosts the Festival del Mango each year during July and August. What better way to experience the sweetest produce of the summer than an exclusively arranged excursion to a Mango Ranch. This unique opportunity includes an extraordinary culinary immersion into the flavors of the region during mango season. 

Lady on the beach at Ozun Private luxury Residence
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