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  • Is smoking permitted at Ozun?
    Ozun is a smoke-free environment for the comfort and well-being of all guests. This means smoking of any substance is not permitted on the property. Happily, there is a beautiful beach just a few feet away to enjoy whatever experience desired. Ozun has the right to be reimbursed for damages resulting from smoking while on the property.
  • Do you offer early check in and late check out?
    We are happy to allow early check in / check out when we can accommodate it.
  • Do you offer rollaway beds?
    We don’t have rollaway beds. We can, though, offer a crib for a little human.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking if the check-in date is at least 14 days away. Ozun provides a 100% refund for cancellations made more than 90 days prior to arrival date, a 50% refund for cancellations made within 90 days of arrival date, and no refunds for cancellations made within 30 days of arrival date.
  • Why is a damage deposit required?
    We hope that each guest enjoys Ozun and experiences moments remembered for a lifetime. We also know that most guests are respectful of the beauty and luxury that is presented at Ozun. The damage deposit helps to address any financial consequences resulting from guest damage to the property. It is both our desire and intention to return each guest's damage deposit. In the rare and unfortunate event of exceptional damage caused by a guest that is not covered by any damage deposit, we reserve the right to be compensated through whatever payment means presented by a guest when making a reservation. The guest acknowledges this policy when making a reservation through
  • What is the maximum number of guests?
  • Can additional guests come to stay during a reservation period?
    We respectfully request that the number of guests to stay at Ozun are honestly communicated at the time of a reservation, including the number of adults and children. This informs our ability to accept a reservation. We appreciate plans change and request that we are informed of any changes to the number of guests that will be staying at Ozun anytime during a reservation period. If there is an increase in the number of guests during a stay an additional guest fee of $200 per night will be charged for each additional guest.
  • What time is check in/check out?
    Check-in is 3:00 pm. Check-out is 11:00 pm.
  • What is the minimum number of nights required per stay?
  • Can we have a party?
    Ozun is a peaceful destination, allowing guests to connect with each other and the surrounding environment. We want guests to experience abundant joy, but we don’t allow parties on the property to preserve the special tranquility of Ozun.
  • Can a guest arrange for outside services (e.g., massage, private chef etc. ) during a stay at Ozun?
    It is very important to us that each guest finds joy in many ways at Ozun. We have completed extensive due diligence in collaboration with our Concierge Team on all services provided at Ozun. We are confident guest's will enjoy extraordinary joy from provided services. Additionally, the safety of our guests and the security of the property are paramount. Therefore, we are not able to allow any personnel onto the property unless thoroughly vetted by the Concierge Team.
  • Is the house suitable for children?
    Our property is perfectly suitable for children. It has a beautiful oceanfront pool and jacuzzi, plenty of floaties, and a child friendly bedroom featuring built-in queen bunk beds, a 65” smart television, as well as books, games, and toys. Children also enjoy in so many imaginative ways the beautiful beach in front of Ozun.
  • Is Ozun pet friendly?
    Ozun’s ecosystem allows us to only accommodate a guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to help an individual with a disability.
  • Do I need to bring toiletries?
    We provide luxurious Gilchrist & Soames Zero%™ environmentally friendly Body Wash, Conditioner, Shampoo, and Soap. We also provide bath towels, hair dryers in each bathroom, cotton balls and, of course, Q-Tips. Please bring anything else that gives you joy.
  • Is Ozun’s beach swimmable?
    Though not recommended, Ozun’s beach offers a unique opportunity for an extraordinarily personal experience, including the most breathtaking sunsets one can experience in a lifetime. Guests enjoy leisurely walks for as long as desired while enjoying the beautiful tranquility that surrounds Ozun. There are also abundant nearby opportunities to swim in the ocean.
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
    Ozun’s neighborhood is very safe. To ensure our guests’ peace of mind, we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art security system, including surveillance cameras placed strategically around the property. These enhanced security measures ensure each guest’s comfort and safety. .
  • How do we get from the airport to Ozun?
    We highly recommend renting a car for utmost convenience. The property is a 1 hour and 15-minute scenic drive from Cabo San Jose International Airport. Because of Ozun’s secluded location, we’ll connect you with Ozun’s concierge team, who will escort you upon arrival in Todos Santos to be sure that you get to the property easily.
  • Are there any local grocery stores/restaurants?
    Ozun’s dedicated concierge team will assist you throughout your stay, including connecting you to preferred bakeries, coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants from our own personally curated list.
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